MAY 7th AT 4:00 - 5:00 PM CST

Your Watercolor
​​​​​​​Bullet Journal

Tips For Planning With Watercolors

When you think of planning, you probably don't immediately think of watercolors. How can such a wet medium be used in a normal journal without ruining it?

I first started using watercolors in my bullet journal over three years ago, and I was immediately hooked.

You can create all kinds of beautiful, colorful, and effective spreads -- even on non-watercolor paper!

In this webinar, I'll show you how you can inject some watercolor art into your bullet journal. You'll see what supplies I recommend, some tips for best results, and a few easy techniques that will have you itching to get started.

Heads up: the webinar room only has 500 seats, so make sure to grab your spot now!

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