Build A Digital Marketing Plan For Your Startup

Digital marketing is a crucial acquisition channel for most startups today. And yet, many founders don’t have a strong digital marketing background which makes the whole acquisition extremely difficult.

Startups often cannot afford to hire a senior specialist or a reputable agency. And agencies that are offering their services cheap then do more harm than good.

Many founders then try to do it themselves

They watch webinars, courses, read articles, and listen to podcasts to end up launching random campaigns on Facebook or Google that barely bring any results

​​​​​​​They don’t have a plan or funnel
They may get likes but not customers.
Their measurement doesn’t work. 
Their campaigns are not scalable

If you feel you’re falling into this trap, join this training and learn how to build an actionable digital marketing plan for your startup - even if you have to do it yourself. 

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  • This training is for: 
    - Entrepreneurs
    - Startup founders 
    - Startup marketers

  • You will learn: 
    - Why you’re not able to get real results from your digital marketing
    - Why you’re campaigns are not scaling
    - How to build a customer-focused marketing funnel that will fix that

  • Join anytime. Be focused. Implement it!
    - This pre-recorded training starts every 15 minutes. You can join it anytime.
    - Make sure you've got 60 mins blocked in your calendar so you can watch the full training with full attention.

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