​​​​​​​Why Is There A Faith Crisis Among Latter Day Saints?

What is the Reason for Faith Crisis Among Latter Day Saints? 

We all know a person, maybe even ourselves, that have experienced a Faith Crisis.  Some suffer in silence while others are very vocal about their questions and pain.  They're often caught in the crossfire between the Churches Official Position and the Actual Church History.   When these position seem in opposition to one another the battle is too difficult and many retreat from their faith rather than continue the internal or external war.   

There are REASONS WHY people go through Faith Crisis.  It isn't because there are no good and truthful answers. It isn't because God doesn't love them. It isn't because they aren't intelligent, gifted, or humble saints.  There are BARRIERS that have been erected that any saint should be able to navigate with the right help.  Satan is waging war with the saints and there is spiritual wickedness in many places.   Unfortunately, and often, even when a person turns to their church leader for help they come away undernourished and discouraged. 

There is GOOD REASON to CHERISH YOUR FAITH in the first vision,  restoration, temple work, Book of Mormon, Priesthood power, current revelation, prophecy, and so much more!

We will reveal these barriers and take a hard look at: 

  • The Common and Uncommon Outcomes to a Faith Crisis

  • What Part Do Historians of Mormonism Play in the LDS Faith Crisis?

  • Where Does A Sincere Saint Turn For Help In A Faith Crisis?

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