Your Path to Buying Profitable Investment Properties

In this training series you'll learn Coach Carson's proven process to buy profitable investment properties (i.e. "deals") in any market,
whether you are brand new or a more seasoned investor.

Learn THE most valuable skill for real estate investors - Deal Making

In this training series you'll learn why, what, and how to become a successfuly real estate deal maker who consistently buys profitable investment properties in any economic market. 

  • (Workshop #1) How Real Estate Deal-Making Actually Works

    Buying profitable real estate investments isn't always easy, BUT it doesn't have to be a mystery. In this workshop, you'll learn the critical pieces of the deal-making puzzle and how you'll benefit. 

  • (Workshop #2) The One Real Estate Skill Every Real Estate Investor Must Learn 

    There are many important real estate skills, but the topic of this workshop - market analysis & real estate valuation - are skills you can't do without in order to successfull buy investment properties. 

  • (Workshop #3) The Baby Steps That Lead Directly to Your Next Investment Property 

    Buying your next investment property is like learning to walk - you just need to take it slowly, one little step at a time. You'll learn those specific steps in this final workshop. 

  • Chad Carson

    Teacher / Host

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