How to build a career coaching practice

About The Masterclass

Cut the noise! Join us for this free masterclass with expert career coaches Erica Sosna and Zoe Schofield from Career Matters. 

The world of work is changing. Talented folk are more mobile than ever. Then can become overwhelmed by choices or burn out by the wrong role. 

Career coaching helps companies retain their highest calibre people. Your talent want to talk about their career. An internal career coaching pool can be a fantastic investment in the employee experience. 

Career coaching  is also a growing market for independent coaches. It enables talented folk to find their right work and make pivots they never thought possible.

​Becoming an expert career coach takes more than a desire to help others. To be a successful and respected career coach internally or independently you need:

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A deep understanding of what career coaching is and why coaching matters

  • A position and point of view about the future world of work
  • A proven, practical and consistent coaching method that is easy to explain and foolproof to use
  • The ability to explain  the business case and commercial benefits
  • Erica Sosna

    Masterclass Host ★ Creator of The Career Equation® and CEO of Career Matters ★ 20 years of expertise in digital learning design for some of the world’s most recognised brands ★ Author of Your Life Plan (Wiley) and the forthcoming Career Equation (2021) ★ Career coach, leadership consultant and speaker on the future world of work ★ Clients include: Capital One, Mastercard, Savills and Dassault Systemes

  • Zoë Schofield

    Masterclass Host ★ Senior Career Consultant, Career Coach and Facilitator for Erica Sosna's Career Matters ★ Experienced private and public sector manager and transformation agent ★ Loves to help people thrive in their careers and explore who they are when at their best ★ Clients include: The Open University, AXA Group, SONY & Dorset Council

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