Monetize Me:Turning Talents into Profits 

Discover how to monetize the gifts within you? We will take your talents, your skills, your strengths, etc., and show you multiple ways to earn extra income using our Monetize Me:Turning Talents into Profits

  • Dr. Lyman Montgomery

    Webinar Host

  • Jay Johnson

    Webinar Host

  • Focus is the Foundation of your Success

    In this webinar, you will discover that without a focus, you waste time, energy, and resources instead of having clarity on creating, marketing, and selling your products or programs. 

  •  Prioritization gives Order to your Success

    During the webinar, you will learn which types of offers to create and the best ways to organize your program or product around your offer.

  • Convert your Talents into Cash

    During this webinar, you will learn strategies to convert your skills, talents, and knowledge into digital products and programs that you can sell online or in person. 

  •  Its Your Time to Get Monetized!

    We understand that you may need help getting started Monetizing Yourself.  No worries, after the webinar, schedule a call to get started today.

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