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Integrate Parametric Urban Design in SketchUp to Save Yourself From Countless Areas Calculation Upon Every Design Change...
And Have it Done Automatically in Real-Time

Join Jernej vidmar in a free webinar and learn a highly efficient approach to testing different design options in SketchUp with Modelur, that will help you accelerate your desgin pace and improve the overall quality of your urban design projects.

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Desigining with parametric buildings brings many advantages to your workflow, but the most important one is you'll never again have to spend your valuable time manually calculating all the areas, checking zoning complience and avoid designing by hand where you need precision.

  • What is parametric urban designing and how you can integrate it in your SketchUp to accelerate your design process by 5x.

  • How to model and modify building volumes parametrically to achieve higher precision and instantly get to the max FAR allowed.

  • How parametric buildings can handle all the data and calculations automatically, so you can understand the numbers and have a higher control over the value created while you design, in real-time.

  • How a parametric urban design tool, Modelur, and its other functionalities can help you simplify and accelerate your workflow so you can focus on the design and create up to 5x more design options.

  • Jernej Vidmar

    Jernej Vidmar, Ph.D. urban designer and a CEO of a parametric urban design tool, Modelur, dedicated his research to optimizing the urban design process, helping many architecture firms like AECOM, GENSLER, URW, and URBAN PLANNING DEPARTMENTS IN CITIES improve their efficiency and quality of urban design.

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