Revealed: Understanding your True Creativity

Cutting edge Neuroscience and Psychology reveals why you get less creative as we get older, and what you can do today to reclaim your confidence and ability to thrive at work and at home

These secrets to what happens to your creativity have never been shared before.

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  • What happened to your creativity?

    When you were a child, you were creative. What happened then? I explain the surprising changes that result in people losing their creativity as they grow older.

  • Feeling more creative again, every day

    If you want to feel that surge of creativity and passion again,  I will show you the simple, scientifically-backed ways how.

  • Surviving (and thriving in) the coming creativity apocalypse

    The majority of businesses are not ready for the coming future customer demands. Creativity has already been voted as the #1 skill they need. Find out how you can stay ahead.

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    Founder - Improvides Innovation Consulting &

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