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Elevate your online business to new heights with "Money, Model & Marketing for Online CEOs." Join my exclusive training where I guide you through the art of MONETIZING YOUR EXPERTISE, crafting a revenue-generating BUSINESS MODEL, and mastering STRATEGIC MARKETING to build your brand, attract qualified leads, and solve a crucial problem for your niche audience.

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  • Monetize Your Expertise with Your Intellectual Property

    I will share how to effectively monetize your expertise through leveraging your intellectual property, building your brand as the "go-to-expert," and solving a sophisticated problem tailored to your niche knowledge.

  • TOP 3 Marketing Strategies to Secure Qualified Clients

    Focusing on targeted content marketing, social media engagement, and effective marketing to nurture your dream prospects while understanding how they make buying decisions for increased enrollment = revenue!💰

  • CEO Decisions you need to make RIGHT NOW to Generate Monthly Revenue with your Expert Brand​​​​​​​

    I will dissect critical CEO Decisions imperative for generating $10,000+ monthly revenue by leveraging your expert brand, documenting your proven framework for repeatable results, building a connection with your audience, and efficiently building your team to eliminate being the bottleneck.

  • Kamila Brown Washington

    Webinar Host

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