How to Prepare your Pelvic Floor for an Empowering Birth and Recovery

Newly pregnant and looking for an empowering birth and postpartum recovery experience? You are at the right place. In this 45-minutes masterclass, I am teaching you my top 3 pelvic floor secrets to prepare your pelvic floor for a smooth birth and postpartum recovery.

About The Webinar

Sign up for this webinar if you....

  • Are newly pregnant

    You are in your first trimester or starting your 2nd, and you feel like you have no idea what you are getting into. The amount of information on the internet feels so overwhelming, and you are looking for a reliable source to feel prepared and empowered for your birth and recovery. 

  • Thrive when you are active 
    Your goal is to return to your active lifestyle as soon as possible after delivery, and you are 100% committed to your success.

  • Are self-driven and motivated
    When it comes to learning new things, you have no trouble committing to a plan and sticking to it, with the proper instructions and guidance. 

  • Want to protect your pelvic health for the future
    You have heard stories from your mom, aunts or  friends about how their pelvic health took a toll after their birth, and you don't want that for yourself. 
    You are a firm believer in prevention and want to do everything within your power to be a healthy active mom while avoiding pelvic health issues in the future.

  • What you will need for this webinar
    You may want to use headphones and make sure you have some privacy when watching this webinar. We will talk about vaginas and other private matters, so you may not want to watch this at work on speaker phone ;) 

Webinar Presenters

  • Sophie Villeneuve

    Webinar Host

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