The Secret to Raising Happy, Pious and Productive Muslims:
​​​​​​​Transform Your Parenting the Taqwa Parenting Way

Discover why raising your child the Taqwa Parenting way is the most important lesson that you can teach your child to raise children who are connected with Allah.

A four-part video series on the art of Taqwa Parenting.

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  • Video 1: What is Taqwa Parenting?  Why is this the most important lesson that you can teach your child to instill good mental and spiritual health in your child and save them thousands on therapy in the future.

  • Video 2: Changing my Child's Behaviour.  Discover how to change your child's behaviour and make Allah their focal point for change.

  • Video 3: Connecting with your Child; Your connection with your child impacts their connection with Allah. Learn the key to connection and some simple steps to connect with your child.

  • Video 4: Master Your Mind to Master Your Parenting;  Allah says He will not change your condition until you change within yourself. Discover what to change.

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