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The One Topic Most Health Professionals Have Wrong

The answer may surprise you... 👀

Learn about the ONE topic that most health & wellness professionals have completely WRONG. Free training led by the Founder & CEO of In On Around®.

​​​​​​​The conversations around health & wellness usually revolve around two main topics: diet and exercise. While these are both incredibly important, there is a major missing piece of the conversation. Together, we will dive into the ONE topic that health & wellness practitioners must know in detail. 

This Webinar Is For:

  • Health & Wellness Enthusiasts
    Whether you've been into health & wellness for a while, or if you're a newbie, this presentation will change the way you think about wellbeing. 

  • Business Owners​​​ (Holistic Health Coaches, Dieticians, etc...)
    If you own a business in the health industry, you need to hear this information.... stat.

  • Doctors & Naturopaths
    The information in this webinar is especially important if you're seeing patients. And it's not taught in medical school. The answer may surprise you!

  • Science Geeks
    If you're like us and love learning about science, this webinar will open your eyes to a topic that isn't talked about often enough.

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