Expand Internationally! How to Grow your business to Mexico and Costa Rica

  • Earn Referral Fees from International Real Estate Opportunities in Mexico & Costa Rica.

    The San Diego Association of Realtors  , International Real Estate Committee (IREC), wants to invite you to this Web Conference where you will be able to learn how you can expand your business into 2 of the most sought after countries for US investors.

    We have invited two experts that will tell you everything you need to know to start promoting different opportunities in those countries. 

    You will learn about:

     * Why are Americans deciding to move into that particular country?

    * Who is purchasing in these countries?

    * What do you need to know before you start promoting these countries?

    * How easy is it to work on these countries?

    * How can you align your clients to be ready to purchase in these countries once the pandemic is under control?

    * How does the strength of the dollar give an American more buying power?

    * What investment opportunities are in these countries?

    Please register on the link below to get your personalized link to the Web Conference


     International Real Estate Committee (IREC)

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  • Matias Susel

    SDAR - International Real Estate Committee CHAIR 2020

  • Luis Mendoza

    Century 21 Award - SDAR - International Real Estate Committee 2020 VICE CHAIR

  • Alvaro Quirarte

    Finanz Bienestar Financiero CEO

  • Allen Lungo

    President CRGAR and Founder Keller Williams Costa Rica

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