Love is the Law Workshop ™ 21 Universal Laws to Activate Your Genius & Uplift Humanity

About The Webinar

Love is the Law Workshop ™ with Marieta Oslanec is going to teach you how to activate your GENIUS by applying 21 universal laws and create the life that you absolutely love. You will also learn: 

  • How to multiply your income by applying the Law of Circulation, Law of Quantum Leap and Law of Mirror into your daily life. As a result you will attract more abundance, heal the broken relationship with money, and call in more propserity. 

  • How to heal yourself (including your broken heart) and your past traumas by applying the Law of Self-healing, Law of Self-love and Law of Intuition. 

  • How to Activate Your Genius and Upgrade Every Area of your life, by learning to apply 21 Uiversal Laws from the book Love is the Law. 

  • Marieta Oslanec

    Webinar Host - Author of Love is the Law - Conscious Attorney - Quantum Business Coach

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