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How to accomplish your goals in 90 days or less with the F&F System

About the Training

At AE we've developed the F&F System to help procrastinators overcome inertia and finally get things done. Thousands of people use this system every day to get focused and accomplish their goals in less time. We'll show you how you can use it to hit your goals in 90 days or less (what most people take a year to do).

  • Stop Relying on Willpower, Do This Instead

    Highly productive people don't exhaust their willpower every day to get stuff done. They have habits and systems in place to get stuff done faster and more consistently. Discover how you can do the same so you never wait "for the perfect moment" to get started.

  • Prioritize Your Todo List With This Simple Trick

    When everything looks important, nothing is. We'll show you a simple trick so you know immediately what's important and what's not (so you can do it later). 

  • How to Start and Finish Projects

    Do you often find yourself starting projects and never finishing them? Then you need the F&F System to help you so you never have abandoned projects laying around and making you feel guilty. This system has helped thousands of people get focused and see their projects come to completion.

  • Thanh Pham

    Productivity expert and founder of AE. He has helped over 15,000 clients since 2011 become more productive at work and life. He's been featured on Forbes, Fast Company, and The Globe & Mail as the modern day thought leader of productivity and efficiency.

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