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About The Webinar

How to build and automate marketing strategies that will build you a profitable and scalable canine rehab business. My goal during this masterclass is to give you an idea of why marketing is so important.

  • Marketing vs Advertising
    Let's talk about how we compete with the large specialty centers and/or corporate practices along with how marketing plays a different role than advertising and how just doing paid ads will not get you the results that you're looking for.

  • Real Marketing and Leads

    What is real marketing and how does it apply to canine rehabilitation? If you're schedule is already full, you may be wondering if you actually need marketing and the answer is yes. When it comes to leads, knowing where they are coming from is instrumental to your canine rehab business's success. A common mistake is thinking that every person who contacts us has this knowledge of what we do already just because they found us online or were recommended to come and see us. There's a difference in every leads level of trust and confidence that we will actually be able to help them and their pet.

  • The 7% Rule in Marketing

    We should not over rely on veterinary referrals and I'll tell you why. We also should not focus our marketing strategy primarily on hot leads. Real marketing helps you take control of your leads and your business, bringing you clients who are going to see YOU as the solution to their problem. Who are going to want to work with you and pay you what you're worth. It goes way beyond getting new people on your schedule.

  • Francisco Maia

    Webinar Host

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