iüLabs Webinar: Beyond Liposomes

You will learn...

  • Why existing supplements are poorly absorbed

    Discover why current supplements are not delivering on their promise.

  • How SoluSmart® is superior to Liposomes

    Liposomes have been the leading absorption technology for so long, but not anymore. SoluSmart® has up to 20 times more absorption.

  • What the SoluSmart® difference is

    Learn about the science behind patented high-absorption technology SoluSmart®, developed by webinar host Dr Wolfgang Brysch.

  • Strategies for targeting oxidative stress and inflammation

    Get direct expertise that will supercharge your consultations, and improve the health of your clients.

  • How iüLabs supplements delivers the power of plants

    SoluSmart® is a cutting-edge absorption technology that transforms natural plant compounds, providing maximum benefits.

  • Dr Wolfgang Brysch

    Webinar Host. iüLabs co-Founder, Scientist and plant-compound evangelist

  • Carlyle Jenkins

    Webinar Host. Chiropractor, and Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner

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