How To Create a Six-Figure Fashion Design Business

So you can create YOUR dream lifestyle, WITHOUT the learning curve.

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This training is for you if...

You want to make more PASSIVE INCOME in your business, WITHOUT more hours at work.

You've TRIED all the tutorials and read ALL the blogs, but just want a PROVEN blueprint that works.

You totally have a PASSION for Fashion. (You don't even need to know how to illustrate, draft or grade patterns yet).

And....You're ready to grow your fashion business NOW.

What You Will Learn In The Webinar:

  • How To Improve Your Financial Stability

    So you have consistent cash flow and can scale globally.

  • Why You Should Future-Proof Your Career

    Stop worrying about market fluctuations by having passive income streams sewn into your business.

  • Take Back Your Work-Life Balance

    So you have a lighter mental load and more quality time for family and personal pursuits.

    Grab your seat and learn about these topics and more...

Webinar Presenters

  • Rachel Hunsaker

    Head Designer & Webinar Host

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