Empowered Parenting
"Don't let Google raise your kids"

If you're ready to lean into your role as a strong caregiver and have more fun moments with your kiddos, then you're in the right place! I am so excited to host this 100% free class just for you.

About The Empowered Parenting Master Class

"This was the most fun and energetic training I've ever attended! Ashley made the time fly by"- Grace (Founding attendee)

This ~35 minute webinar is packed with strategies to help you ditch the parent info overload and start relying on the most important person when raising your littles, YOU!

With the 4 Strategies I teach, you can reach into your own tool box when faced with a parenting challenge and help your children through it seemlessly. This is done all while sticking to your core values as a caregiver. Your children will feel the predictability and consistancy which is key to building a strong home!

Register for this master class below. Space is limitied to 100 attendees and typically reaches capacity. See ya on the inside friend!

"I was able to use Ashley's communication skill to help my son through a complete meltdown within a few minutes. Mindblown!"-Hannah (previous attendee)

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

  • Accredited Parent Coach

  • Founder of The Modern Parent. LLC

  • Ashley Ayala, LMFT

    Webinar Host

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