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How To Avoid Critical Mistakes
​​​​​​​That Others Have Made In
​​​​​​​Singapore Real Estate Investment

Uncover common myths and predict how the real estate scene could unfold in the next few years

  • Whether you are someone who is just embarking on your first home purchase, or a seasoned property investor, this webinar could save you from treading the painful routes that others had taken.  Select the timing most convenient for you and we shall see you soon in the Webinar Broadcast Room.

  • Is the market stable?

    What are the factors contributing to the stability of the Singapore Real Estate market?

  • Global outlook
    Global market outlook and how does Singapore fare in the current climate?

  • Singapore market in coming years

    Where is the Singapore Property Market heading in the coming years and why?

  • Common misakes 
    What are the common mistakes that home buyers make and how you can avoid them right from the start?


  • PK SOH

    Webianr Host (Associate Division Director) Huttons Asia Pte Ltd

  • Alyssa Ng

    Guest Speaker (Director, Project Sales and Marketing) , Huttons Asia Pte Ltd

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