Intro to FOCUSED SketchUp

Take a peek inside FOCUSED SketchUp and learn what makes this course stand out from other online courses and why it's the best option for learning SketchUp and V-Ray for Interior Design! 

Free 35-minute Webinar!

About The Webinar

John Kaplar, the Lead Instructor and founder of FOCUSED SketchUp, demonstrates what students can expect when they sign up for the course and how this course is the BEST way to learn SketchUp for Interior Designers!  

  • Introduction to the Course

    A high-level description of FOCUSED SketchUp, main objective, and the learning Tripod the course is based around. 

  • About John
    Discusses his background as an Interior Designer for Arched Manor and how he became a SketchUp expert.

  • Course Portal and Structure
    John logs into the course and shows you how it's organized and what you can expect to see once you are enrolled. 

  • Module and Lesson Structure
    A breakdown of the modules in the course and topics covered. John also opens a lesson and shows you the page structure: video, notes, downoads, etc.  

  • 7 Things that make FOCUSED SketchUp Different
    Details the main differences between FOCUSED SketchUp and other online SketchUp courses and shows why this course is the BEST way to learn SketchUp for Interior Designers.   

  • Testimonials
    Hear what students have to say about FOCUSED SketchUp.    

  • Questions & Answers
    John answers any questions asked during the webinar.

Webinar Presenters

  • John Kaplar

    Webinar Host

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