Support Issues and Solutions for Your Universal Legacy FMS

Answers for current system obsolescence and navigation database restrictions.

About The Webinar

Why Upgrading Your FMS for WAAS Makes Sense Now
The latest generation of Universal Avionics Flight Management Systems (FMS) provide greater efficiency, improved functionality, and increased hull value of your aircraft. Join us on July 8th / July 14th  to learn why now is the best time to upgrade your FMS for Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS), what options are available for your installation, and how to take a more cost-effective approach.

☑️ Learn why upgrading your FMS makes sense as the next step in building your NextGen flightdeck. Extend servcie and versatility of you raircraft without a major 'rip and tear" of the flight deck.

☑️ Discover solutions available today that can be accomplished during aircraft downtime. We will Present the best upgrade paths for UNS 1C, 1C+, 1Csp, 1Csp+, 1D, 1D+, 1E, 1E+, 1F, 1F+, 1K, 1K+ and other models

☑️ Concerned about cost? Explore how C&L Aviation Group, in partnership with Universal Avionics, has put in place cost-effective options to enable your flight department to upgrade today. 

This webinar is presented by avionics experts and engineers from C&L Aviation Group with the suppport of Universal Avionics. 


  • Charlie Carroll

    Aviation Sales Manager, C&L Aviation Group

  • Robert Brownell

    Sr. Field Service Engineer Universal Avionics

  • Ron Jennings

    VP of Sales, Corporate MRO, C&L Aviation Group

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