JSCCA Training Seminar - 5 May 2021

About the Webinar

Undermining an Audit – The impact of Fraud, negligence, or incompetence

Over the past twelve months, the financial pressures on organisations have increased significantly. With those pressures comes the heightened risk of financial misstatements; deliberate or otherwise.

Join us for a 60-minute webinar, led by Alan Roberts, UK Qualified and Licensed Insolvency Practitioner, Certified Fraud Examiner, and Corporate Investigator, and Director of Recovery and Reorganisation at Grant Thornton. He will highlight some of the reasons why an audit might fail or be undermined due to inaccurate financial accounts. 

With more than 30 years of experience in insolvency, forensic accounting, and restructuring work, Alan will provide his insight into that of a forensic accountant and insolvency practitioner and offer his views on reasons why financial statements might be misrepresented. Cases that he discusses are Jersey companies.

This webinar is aimed at any qualified accountant involved in directorships, auditing, or financial control. 

About the Speaker

Alan Roberts, FCA, CFE, FABRP, MIPI, Director - Recovery & Reorganisation

Alan is a UK Qualified and Licensed Insolvency Practitioner, Certified Fraud Examiner, Corporate Investigator and has over 30 years experience in insolvency, forensic accounting and restructuring work.
Alan has worked in the UK, Continental Europe, Russia, the US, Caribbean, Far and Near East, Mediterranean hub, Africa and the Channel Islands.  He offers a depth of experience in international restructuring and insolvency appointments.  He is particulary experienced in asset recovery and cross-border contentious litigation.


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