2020 Webinar Series #1: RCV as a Voting Rights Remedy

Local Representation: RCV as a Voting Rights Remedy​​​​​​​

Ranked-choice voting was used as a remedy in a Voting Rights Act case for the first time in November 2019, when Eastpointe, Michigan, used RCV to elect two members of its City Council. There's also a growing movement for using RCV as a remedy in state voting rights act cases, with cases out of California and Washington placing RCV front-and-center as a potential remedy. The groundbreaking New York Voting Rights Act, S. 7528, would explicitly include RCV as a remedy were it to pass in New York this year. Join this webinar to hear from a panel of experts on RCV's place as a remedy in federal and state voting rights cases.

  • Chris Hughes

    Webinar Host & Presenter

  • Pedro Hernandez


  • Angela Gabel


  • Ruth Greenwood


  • Michael Pernick


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