Pathway to Periodontal Excellence

How to Survive & Thrive Post-COVID19

Have you got a plan and an approach to managing these patients? To thoroughly address your patient's needs and to avoid litigation?

If the answer is no, you need to attend this FREE seminar, where you will:

1. Find guidance on how to implement the latest periodontal classification. 

2. Get the help and advice you need on how re-structure your practice to cope with an increase in periodontal cases 

3. Avoid litigation, whilst strengthening relationships with those who support you, your team, and your practice

1.5 hours eCPD

''This 90-minute webinar has helped me to face practice challenges post COVID-19 outbreak and develop new solutions to manage periodontal cases in practice. Dr Ope Sodeinde brings a passion for visioning and strategic planning to cope with today, tomorrow, and times post-COVID-19!''
​​​​​​​                                                                    - K.Doherty, Dentist Stoke Newington

  • Ope Sodeinde, Specialist periodontist. BDS MFDS RCS(Ed) MSc(Rest Dent) MClinDent(Perio) MPerioRCS(Ed)

    "It is crucial that our dental profession becomes more adept at managing patients with severe periodontal condition. It is the time to take action, to re-structure your practice and to address the needs of your patients."

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