Empowerment Hour

How to Safely Use Weight Loss Medications and Maintain Your Results

Slaying Weight Sustainably: Strategy for Success:

Unlock the secret behind weight loss medications, like Ozempic®,  and how to achieve safe and lasting success even when you stop taking them. Join our FREE webinar with our  trusted pharmacist. It’s all about healthy & lasting change. Share with a friend and sign up here for free! 

Webinar Presenter 

  • Tamar Lawful, PharmD, CNGS

    Doctor of Pharmacy

What You Will Learn In The Webinar

  • The Real Scoop on Weight Loss Medications

    Sure, these tools can be a part of our arsenal, but they're just the prologue in our story of wellness. We'll take an honest look at their role, effectiveness, how to use them smartly and safely on our journey and what really happens when you stop taking them.

  • Safeguarding Your Success

    We've all heard of the rebound that can come after stopping medications. Let's chat about strategies to maintain those hard-earned victories without the backslide, creating a lifestyle that's as sustainable as it is joyful.

  • The Personal Touch of Nutrigenomics

    Our bodies speak a unique language, but are we listening? Discover how the secrets locked in our DNA can unveil a tailored path to our best selves, merging science with the personal touch that we've been craving.

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