Find out the 3 proven steps to body confidence and acceptance that last - even through changes.

**There is no camera function on these calls, Mallory is the only one with her camera on. There is a live chat option, but if you wish to stay totally anonymous you do not have use it**

What We're Talking About

Confidence and acceptance of body image, and everything that comes with that, doesn't happen overnight. Most importantly, true recovery comes when that confidence and acceptance persists even as things change around us.

In this masterclass, we will jump into three pillars of creating lasting mentalities and leave you with some thoughts on what an unrestricted life could look like for you long term.

  • Tune out the BS

    Diet culture, toxic comments, and incorrect information everywhere. What tools can we use to tune out the noise and focus on ourselves?

  • Uncover the Why

    The key to acceptance might be closer than you think. We will reflect on many of the reasons why body image might feel like a constant weight on your shoulders.

  • Tangible Transformation

    Have you ever wished you had actual tips and steps to use to improve your body image? That all changes here.

Your Host

  • Mallory Page

    Non-Diet Registered Dietitian

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