How To Get Control Of Your Drinking And Move On With Your Life!

From out of control addict consuming up to a litre of spirits a day,
to Tour de France cyclist and TV / Radio addiction pundit.

Learn how Andy regained his health, happiness and control of his life, and how you can too.

What you will learn in this enlightening Web Class:

Andy shares his inspiring story back to health and happiness, and shows you the process he followed to get control of his drinking, and move on with his life.

  • You aren't 'weak' and it's not your fault.
    When you understand the process of addiction, you understand that seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

  • It is more straightforward than you think.

    In the same way there is a process for falling into the addiction trap, there is also a process out of it. Andy shows you how, by focusing on the right things, you can ditch the booze and improve your life in nearly every way!

  • The #1 mistake nearly everybody makes.
    Andy's successful career as an award-winning business coach was fuelled by alcohol. By finally applying what he knew to himself he finally put this behind him. Andy says "It took me 10 years and 3 days to sort my drinking out. 10 years of doing the wrong things, and 3 days of doing the right things. I haven't even thought about having a drink since."

  • Andy Smith

    Webinar Host

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