Double Your Dance Scene

The Exact System I Used To Double The Last 3 Dance Scenes I Worked With In Less Than 90 Days Will Be Revealed On This Webinar!

  • You Will Learn​​​​​​​

    How to harness Word-of-Mouth marketing so you can see results fast.

    What really makes a difference when it comes to flyers?

    What to use/not to use & common mistakes people make on flyers.

    How to inspire your dancers to advertise for you!

    How to set up automated systems for things you want to get done.

    Sure fire secrets to getting new people hooked on dance and coming back week after week, craving for more.

    The direct techniques to inspire your local dancers to want to improve and to give them the confidence that they can do it?

    How to design drop in classes that maintain interest for your returning dancers, keeping them coming back week after week.

    Increasing attendance in your classes from 20 to 22 to 25 and keep going up and up instead of seeing them dwindle down to 18, then 16, then 10.

    Running your business so that all the competition (other organizers/events) is helpful to you instead of harming you.

    Leveraging online media to grow your scene faster.

    Where to find loads of new potential dancers, how to easily get them in the door, and how to convert them into students that love to dance.

    How to teach drop in lessons that are easy and exciting for beginners but also progress and keep returning students coming back for more.

    How to keep existing and upper-level dancers coming to the dances and ensure new dancers are continuously inspired?

  • Requirements (and what you don't need)

    You DON'T need computer knowledge or high tech equipment. If you can click a link and watch youtube videos, you have all the required technology.

    Time: You should block out at least 90 minutes for this call. However, if you can't make it to the whole thing, you will be able to access a replay for 7 days after the call.

    ​​​​​​​A strong desire to grow your dance scene. This webinar is designed for organizers but you don't need to be an organizer to attend. You can also be a proactive dancer in the scene who has a strong desire to help grow the scene.

  • Testimonials

    “Not only did he exceed our expectations and his own promises, but he revolutionized our dance scene to be well on it's way to become the community it's always meant to be. This will (and has) dramatically affected the atmosphere, relationships, skill levels, volunteers, and financial resources, as well as allowed our scene to become much more sustainable.
    In the short time that Andrew was here, he has positively impacted our dance scene for a life time."

      Sandie Simpson.png   
      Sandie Simpson 
      Teacher/Organizer for Nova Blues 
      in Edmonton, Alberta

    “ following his suggestions we've seen an immediate increase in the interest in our weekly dance. The first week after the class we had 5 new people come to our dance with fliers. As organizers we've had to do very little extra work, aside from giving our dancers the information to go out and promote our dances themselves. Thank you Andrew!”

      Haven Sundstrom
      Teacher/Organizer for Crossroads Blues Fusion
      in Eugene, OR

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  • Exact Increased Numbers

    Sacramento, California: The Firehouse 5 went from averaging 32 dancers to 64 dancers on Wednesdays in less than 2 months. That is a 100% increase!

    Eugene, OR: Was averaging 55 dancers at their weekly dances and within 7 weeks of implementing my strategy they had grown to averaging over 75 dancers (gaining 51 newbies in 57 days) and are now looking for a new venue that can hold more people. That is a 36.4% increase in attendance!

    ​​​​​​​Edmonton, Canada: This scene only has 3 dances per month and even had to cancel one of their dances due to a lack of people. Still, within 3 months of this class, they gained over 32 new dancers and went from averaging 25 dancers to 40 each week.That is a 60% increase! Update: In the next 2 months, they gained 47 new dancers. It is growing!

  • Why Free?

    This information could make you make you a lot of extra income and could easily cost many thousands of dollars, so why am I sharing it for free?

    A few reasons:
    Dancing changed my life in so many wonderful ways. I want to help people share these life changing experiences with the world.

    I do not implement the system for you in this free training (clearly) so you will have to implement everything yourself. That said, some of you will want to hire me to implement this system for you, or help you implement it more efficiently, so you can be sure it works the best it possibly can, and if you want to hire me to implement it, you will probably want to know what I would be implementing. 

    And again, dancing changed my life in so many wonderful ways and I want to help people share these life changing experiences with the world.

  • Andrew Sutton

    Webinar Host

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