Free Webinar

Attention Parents Who Feel Like They're “Loosing” Their Children Due to Tech and Being Too Busy

FREE Breathing Masterclass on April 30th Reveals How Parents Can Connect With Their Children Through The Power of Breathwork, healing generational pain and trauma.

ALL By Using Ancient “Breathing” techniques in alignment with the 120 year old Montessori teachings from Italy.

Meet Your Instructor:

My name is Natalia Bennett I have been directing Mt West Montessori school in El Paso for over 25 years and have loved working with parents and children through the transformational power of the breath. I have worked with hundreds of people awakening their feeling hearts trough Transformation Breathwork and now supporting hundreds of students through Happy Breathing. Has a BA in Painting and a Postgraduate degree in Montessori Education. She is a certified Montessori guide for Infant Community and Children’s House levels and is an International speaker and co-creator of the Mariposa Breath. Lives in El Paso with her beautiful family, has four amazing children and enjoys painting, hiking, and cooking with family. Her deepest passions include connecting parents and children through the power of the Montessori work and working with children connect with themselves through the transformational power of the breath.

What You Are Going To Learn On April 30th FREE Breathing Masterclass
  • How 3 minutes of breath a day can change your life.

  • What is conscious breathing  and it’s benefits to your body and your mind and emotions.

  • How can the breath connect you with your child and help your child regulate their emotions.

  • Natalia Bennett-Cabrera

    Your Host on April 30th, 7pm EST

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