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🜁The secret to living your purpose, owning your confidence and setting yourself free from the boring daily grind!

It's time to escape the ground hog day feelings and learn how to manifest a life you love full of;


Here, you will feel safe and supported in your journey to healing, happiness and manifestation!

✨ Escape the stuck in a rut type feeling
✨ All things moving forward and manifesting what you want
✨ Letting go of fear, guilt and over-worrying
✨ Welcome in deep relaxation and hit reset!
✨ Happiness Tools & Manifesting Rituals

PLUS incredible tips that make your life easier, happier and stress free!

We start July 12th at 11am
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Hey soul-sister!

Has life ever felt like one great big mystery to you?

Pondering on how we got here, what’s beyond the stars, what keeps us breathing, what even is life?

Ever since I was a little girl I was fascinated by the magic and mystery of the
universe 💫

It has been a question that has driven me, motivated and inspired me 

Every time I take a moment to connect with my magic I am guided to the next adventure my soul wants to go on 

And it requires a level of trust within me that outweighs all of my fears 

And I continue to lean in… 

👉 We’re not here to live in a box of the daily grind 

👉 We’re not here to live in fear or to continue this suffering 

👉 We’re not here to be bound by the rules society has set out for us 

There’s so much MORE available for you, beyond these rules and limitations! 

If you crave freedom, it’s because your souls feels trapped 

Freedom is not something you find

Freedom comes when you liberate your soul from the entrapment of your mind and the limitations of the lifestyle you have been choosing 

I know you’re seeking more from your life 

You can feel the longing inside you 

The yearning in your heart 

To stop suffering 

And start living 🎉

And connect to the greater mysteries and expansiveness of what your life gets to be! 

Only you can choose this path 

And if you're here, then it means you’re ready to stop dreaming and start doing! 

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Kirsty + Leah 

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This is PERFECT for you if:

  • You feel like something is missing

  • You feel out of alignment with where you are in life and you're ready for change!

  • You're bored in your 9-5 daily grind and seeking more

  • You desire to make a difference and love the idea of helping others - yet you know you still have some healing and inner work to do​​​​​​​

  • you're done!

    being unhappy

    feeling lost and confused

    settling for less

    and you know there is

    so much more for you...

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