Secrets of Elite Youth Soccer - Understanding Competitive Youth Soccer

Albert Puig is a former Barcelona F.C. Football Academy (La Masía) coach and director with a UEFA PRO license. Albert’s 35+ years experience as a coach, mentor, scout, instructor, author, and speaker made him travel the world spreading this methodology with unique results. A world renown expert of "Juego de Posición" in youth soccer. All this knowledge has been channeled into a comprehensive, digestible, step-by-step implementation program that not only teaches you the theory but the actual execution of this Catalan methodology on the pitch.

What we will cover in this Masterclass...

  • The Myths of Elite Youth Soccer

    So much is said of youth soccer formation and development. So many fads come and go with a lot of hype. Albert clears the smoke and explains what it takes and what to avoid in this ever competitive landscape. 

  • The Difference Between Europe and USA

    We know the levels and intensity is different. But there is much more. From the mentality, the approach and the understanding of the language of soccer.  

  • ThePositional Play (Juego de Posición) Philosophy in Youth Players 

    The style that has and is still revolutionizing the world. A style that has seen teams in the world's most important leagues win playing beautifuly. The advantages of developing youth players under the Positional Playing style.


  • Improving Your Players, Team and Coaching 

    How to create an ecosystem where the players, team and coaches participate to improve the athlete as a whole. True case studies of victories and failures, achievements and shortcomings in the world of soccer. 

  • Albert Puig

    Webinar Host

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