​​​​​​​Posting on LinkedIn Masterclass

The highly acclaimed "masterclass that broke LinkedIn" is back for a very limited time only!

​​​​​​​Learn the tips that have enabled thousands of LinkedIn users to build incredible visibility on LinkedIn, attract exceptional opportunities, and land clients, speaking engagements, and jobs like they couldn't believe!


About Posting on LinkedIn Masterclass

Who is this class for?

🍊You want to drive traffic to your LinkedIn profile, and potentially land clients, jobs, and opportunities, but content creation & converting to customers is daunting. Let's create a system for you!

🍊You've posted on LinkedIn, but aren't getting the level of engagement you desire. You'll get a framework that builds more engagement!

🍊You may even second guess your content decisions: Will people find this interesting? Am I knowledgeable enough to speak on this? You'll learn how to overcome these doubts!

🍊You're wondering, why did that other post do well, but this one tanked? You'll get clarity!

🍊You have a message to share, and want to know how to establish yourself as a thought leader. LinkedIn is a perfect way!

If one or more of the above describes you then you will get a lot of value out of this masterclass.

Here's what you'll learn:

🍊How to target the RIGHT audience with your LinkedIn presence

🍊What REALLY matters on your profile and how to get people to take ACTION when they visit it

🍊How to build a LARGE and HIGHLY ENGAGED network very quickly

🍊How to "get the algorithm in your favor" with MUST KNOW tactics when posting

🍊How to come up with content that your audience will LOVE - no matter how experienced you are.

🍊How to CONVERT the traffic you generate from posting into generating clients, revenue, and opportunities

Stop sitting on the sidelines and letting opportunity pass you by, unlock massive opportunity with these LinkedIn strategies!​​​​​​​

Check out what attendees of the masterclass said last year:

  • Last night‘s LinkedIn Masterclass by Madeline Mann was the best webinar I have seen to date.
       -Liene O.

  • What an incredibly insightful and informational Masterclass by Madeline Mann on using LinkedIn effectively. Key takeaway, I'm doing it wrong and I plan on fixing that! 
       -Melissa B.

  • Awesome! Inspiring masterclass with years of experience and knowledge condensed to one hour.
      ​​​​​​​-Oleg B.

  • Madeline Mann

    Creator of Self Made Millennial

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