How to Build Your Business with Videos, YouTube, and Webinars

About The Webinar

You know you should be creating videos and hosting webinars.  You'd love to have a YouTube channel loaded with tons of valuable educational videos.  But, you don't have time to write the scripts, edit and produce the videos and post them.  We understand!  

In this webinar we will cover the what, why and how to create videos, webinars and workshops. 

Join, Best-Selling Author and Emmy Award winning producer, Ginger Bell as she shares what has been a game changer for a few originators! For years, Ginger has developed and delivered educational content for some of the largest organizations in the mortgage industry and now she has taken her talent to create content for loan originators to use in their business to educate on mortgage programs, processes and so much more.

In this webinar we share some of the super awesome and ground breaking content we've been able to create that can help you be a SUPERSTAR at creating videos!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Register for this webinar to find out: 

  • What consumers are searching for and how you can get in front of their searches. 

  • What types of videos ​​​​​​​you can create and how to leverage them. 

  • How to easily use webinars ​​​​​​​to build your database and be the expert!

  • Ginger Bell

    Ginger Bell is the founder and CEO of Edumarketing Media, a full service media production agency. An emmy award winning producer and four time best-selling author, Ginger focuses on utilizing the power of education, new technologies, media, and personality-driven marketing to position individuals and companies as experts in their field.

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