Your First Free Vacation on Points

  • Want to start traveling more for less but not sure how to dive into the world of points and miles?

    This quick 35 minute masterclass cuts the fluff and will give you everything you need to know so you can get started earning those points TODAY!

  • Wondering what card might be right for you to get started?

    We'll share our favorite card for beginners, and some of our favorite ways to redeem these points.

  • Nervous about doing it wrong?!

    We hear you! We're going to share the three major pitfalls you need to avoid and what to do instead! 

  • What about credit scores and annual fees?

    We're going to tackle the good the bad and the ugly and show you exactly how reward travel works and what it means for your credit score and how to mitigate stacking up those pesky annual fees.

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