Military Service?
Bad Intel On The VA Home Loan Benefit May Be Costing You Big $$$

About The Webinar

91% of all eligible persons with Military Service don’t take advantage of the VA Home Loan Benefit; most because they believe–from somewhere in their past–that they can’t.

Tell me you can’t use your VA Home Loan Benefit; I’ll tell you why that’s WRONG!! (99% of the time).

Attend this free briefing with a VA Home Loan SPECIALIST and learn:
• The 5 basic myths about the VA Home Loan Benefit that stop most from using it.
• No more loan limits!! The 2020 Blue Water Vietnam Veterans Act changes everything!!!.
• Why you’ll qualify for more home and a higher loan amount using a VA loan vs any other loan.
• Why serving in the Reserves or National Guard may be worth more than you think.
• Why your bad credit may not be that bad: past BK’s and Foreclosures, what they mean to VA.
• How to use your VA Loan multiple times; why multiple VA Loans—simultaneously—is possible.
• How spouses of deceased service-members may be eligible.

Join us to find out how using your VA Home Loan Benefit might be the 'right' decision for YOU!

  • Andrew Vierra

    Webinar Host

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