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Strengthening the Practice of Cultural Values

About the Webinar

Since publication of Corporate Cultures by Kennedy and Deal in 1979, organizations have been viewing their cultures through a variety of lenses. Nearly all, however, have been relatively "top down" views, which pose the challenge for leaders of setting clear expectations for how individuals and teams in organizations, and society in general, can practice the values that their cultures espouse. In this webinar, Dr. Binder will describe an actionable approach, based on Performance Thinking® models, for how leaders, managers, and supervisors can help their people focus on how they can practice organizational and societal values.

  • Evolution of Culture Analysis and Description

    Starting with Kennedy and Deal's anthropological view, we'll review the evolution of Tosti and Jackson's perspective on values and practices, showing the limitations of these approaches.

  • Defining Performance and Setting Expectations
    We'll look at the models of Performance Thinking and how they led us, based on experience in several large South Korean companies, to a more bottoms-up approach to the practice of cultural values.

  • An Actionable Approach for Helping Everyone to Practice the Values

    We'll outline the rationale we recommend by which organizations, from level of team leadersn on up, can define how their people can practice cultural values.

  • Dr. Carl Binder, CEO

    The Performance Thinking Network

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