Stepping Out Strong™

Did you know: 
​​​​​​​•Every 13 seconds, an older adult is seen in an emergency department for a fall? 
• Falls are the leading cause of hospitalizations among people 65 and older? 
• Falls are the leading cause of hip fractures, which can cause disability and even death? 

  • To keep people on their feet, American Bone Health has organized the largest community awareness campaign to support the National Council on Aging’s Fall Prevention Week in September and throughout the year.  Get your balance checked, and learn simple exercises you can do at home to improve balance, strength and flexibility. 

  • Beth Maberry - Peer Educator

    Beth began exploring the wellness world after leaving K-12 education. She became a certified yoga teacher, which led her to massage therapy. During her time at Tampa General, Beth has continued her wellness journey, adding Pilates, Zumba, BodyFlow, and multiple Community Health Education programs to her repertoire. She takes joy in helping people reach their wellness goals and feels blessed to be a Community Health Educator at TGH . When she isn't playing with her kids or training in martial arts, Beth is at her day job in the accounting department or home reading a book when she can find a quiet moment.

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