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How to Invest During a Recession?
Start Managing its Risk & Identify The Alternative

About The Webinar

A recession is when GDP has declined for two consecutive quarters. The National Bureau of Economic Research is responsible for officially declaring when recessions start and end.

Alternatively, we can deploy indices to forecast recession. Throughout the last two decades, we could see only a few occasions of two quarters of decline. It subsequently led to around 2 years of bear. One was the tech stocks bubble in 2000 and the other was the sub-prime crisis in 2007.

Since the beginning of 2022, the first quarter was down, therefore the second quarter ending June is crucial. Unless a turnaround, likely the U.S. market will enter into a recession, affecting the other markets.

Instead of waiting for an official announcement, we can start managing its risks and also to identify the alternative markets.

Date: 29 Jun 22
​​​​​​​Duration: 1.5 hours
Start time: 7:30pm
Live Discussion

  • When will inflation start to slow down?

    Understand the reasons leading to today's inflation globally

  • How many more interest rate hikes to go?

    The leading indicators we should be looking at with so many uncertainties

  • How will this impact the markets?

    With the U.S. recession, other markets will be affected and yet the risk can be minimised

  • What are the alternative markets?

    With the exit, funds will still have to flow their money to other markets, what are they?

  • What are the inflation hedge assets?

    What are they and why?

  • Kon How

    Since 1995 Kon How started as a floor trader and subsequently founded Weipedia. Exchanges and institutions – CME, EUREX, SGX & HKSI engage his company in developing education programmes. His company also provides expert witness and opinion writing services in assisting the arbitration process for trading disputes. He is often invited to share his views on the market and provide trading insights with the industry practitioners and retail investors. He specializes in the study of behavioural science or market psychology in identifying macrotrend and forensic price behaviour. He is an expert in technical analysis, investor’s profiling, risk management and investing strategies.

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