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Are Your Affairs In Order?

This Will Be The Best and Most Important 55 Minutes You'll Ever Spend Learning About A Subject That Has Been Surrounded By So Much Mystery

​​​​​Join Financial Services Representative of Holliman Financial, Ayinde Holliman and Founding Partner of Legacy DLC, Lisa Camacho as they take you through 7 Every Day Scenarios that will enlighten you on why "Estate Planning" ISN'T just for Millionaires and Billionaires.

Chief Counsel - Jennifer Surmacz brings her years of experience in an easy to understand format that will allow you to sleep well at night when you learn what she has to share.

Network Attorney Ciara Lister, ESQ. will detail the important things that need to be learned when dealing in the digital age of technology. You will learn what RUFADAA is all about that no one is teaching.

  • Ayinde Holliman

    Financial Services Representative Holliman Financial

  • Lisa Camacho

    Partner, Legacy DLC, Inc.

  • Ciara Lister, ESQ. | Chief Counsel


  • Jennifer Surmacz | Chief Counsel

    CSI Financial Group

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