The Evangelical Environmental Network invites you to join us for a screening and discussion of


Ensuring a Healthy Creation For All

TUESDAY, April 27th at 4pm PT / 5MT / 6CT / 7pm ET
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Christians must lead with love as we seek to care for God's world and to love our neighbors. To do so, we must listen to those who are harmed the most by the exploitation of creation. The Evangelical Environmental Network, along with our partners at Young Evangelicals for Climate Action, are pleased to partner with the Condor and Eagle team to do just that. This virtual event during Creation Care Week will guide us as we encounter the inspiring work of land defenders around the world and as we work together toward a flourishing future for all.

This event is inclusive--free to those who can't afford it. For all others, suggested donations on a sliding scale of $15-100 are requested in lieu of a flat ticket price. Your support will support the Eloheh Indigenous Center for Earth Justice, a living-learning community in the Pacific Northwest committed to stewarding the land, preserving biodiversity, and enacting indigenous principles of harmony and balance with the land.
The donations collected will also support the film impact campaign "No More Sacrificed Communities" and be used to provide small honorariums to our panelists.

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    By joining us for this screening, you are supporting effective movement-building towards powerful change and calls to action. This event is part of the film impact campaign "No More Sacrificed Communities".

    Our first events in July were a huge success. 6,000 people watched our film, 150,000 watched our panel discussions and we raised more than $25,000 for impacted communities. We therefore decided to keep organizing events on an even larger scale: we are currently organizing more than 40 online events until July, mobilizing hundreds of communities and organizations, presenting to large audiences the inspiring work being done by land defenders across the Americas. Join us and support frontline communities!


    Kyle serves as the Vice President of the Evangelical Environmental Network and is an ordained minister in the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA). Much of his professional experience has involved the integration of theology, science, and action toward a deeper awareness of the Christian responsibility to care for God's earth and to love one’s neighbors, both at home and around the world. Kyle was recently named a Yale Public Voices on the Climate Crisis Fellow for 2020, and his work has been featured in national and international news outlets such as PBS, NPR, CNN, NBC News, New York Times, Reuters, and U.S. News and World Report. He is married to Allison and lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with their son, Simon.


    Film Protagonist - Xicano Houston, TX - Healthy Communities Organizer with Sierra Club and Co-Founder of t.e.j.a.s. He is a longtime environmental justice advocate based in Houston, TX. He co-founded the Librotraficante movement, serves as an Advisor to the Gulf Coast Fund, and sits on the board of the Environmental Support Center. Bryan was recently awarded a Gulf Coast Fellowship and has been working to help organizations use media for education, organizing, and advocacy.


    Edith Woodley is a teacher/mentor on issues concerning Native American Spirituality and Creation. A full-time mother, grandmother and activist farmer, she has developed a unique relationship with the land, as well as insights concerning how to raise a family on a small farm. Edith and Randy have been involved in mentoring Indigenous leaders and others for over three decades. Their service to the most disenfranchised people in America led them to become serious about important issues such as racism and eco-justice. Edith is an Eastern Shoshone tribal member and Randy a Cherokee descendant, recognized by the Keetoowah Band.


    Rev. Dr. Randy Woodley is an activist/scholar and distinguished speaker, teacher and wisdom keeper. He is the author of several books and his expertise has been sought in national venues as diverse as Christianity Today, The Huffington Post, Moody Radio and Time Magazine. Dr. Woodley currently serves as Distinguished Professor of Faith and Culture at George Fox University/Portland Seminary. Dr. Woodley and his wife are co-sustainers and co-hosts of a permaculture, regenerative teaching farm, school and community in Yamhill, Oregon, housed at Eloheh Indigenous Center for Earth Justice and Eloheh Farm.

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