Space Biotechnology

Antarctic Geothermal Sites as Mars Analogues 

A Biotechnological Gateway to Mars

Discover how cutting-edge Space Biotechnology is unlocking the secrets of Earth's most extreme environments to pave the way for Martian exploration.
​​​​​​​Join us as experts delve into the parallels between these icy, geothermal regions and the Red Planet, showcasing innovative solutions for future space missions.
We will discover the world of the Microbial Community Dynamics at the  sites of Deception Island.

  • Understanding Geothermal Environments: Insights from Antarctica
    Explore the unique geothermal sites in Antarctica and their significance as analogues for Martian landscapes. Learn about the geological features and extreme conditions that make these sites ideal for comparative studies.

  • Biotechnological Innovations in Extreme Environments

    Delve into the latest biotechnological advancements used to study and survive in extreme geothermal environments. Discover how these technologies can be applied to future Mars missions, from microbial analysis to life-support systems.

  • Future Mars Exploration: Lessons from Antarctic Research
    Discuss the practical applications of Antarctic geothermal research for Mars exploration. Examine how findings from Earth’s harshest climates can inform mission planning, habitat construction, and sustainability on the Red Planet.

  • Dr. Armando Azua-Bustos

    Internationally renowned environmental microbiologist and researcher with over 30 JCR publications

  • Aparna Banerjee

    Professor and Research Coordinator at Universidad Autónoma de Chile, studying extremophilic microorganisms in Antarctica.

  • Igor Ciminelli

    General Manager at School of Disruption

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