Postcolonial and Decolonial Perspectives in International Relations

28th April: 6-7pm - Theme: On Violence, Resistence, and Exclusions


The formal conclusion of decolonization and the rise of Afro-Asian independence processes after World War II did not mean the end of colonial violence. On the contrary, those processes gave birth to – and sometimes even reinforced - forms of violence and exclusion. No wonder this political and intellectual context inspired the emergence of ideas and practices from key postcolonial and decolonial thinkers, which has structured what we call postcolonial and decolonial perspectives. From these ideas and practices, how can we conceive colonial violence and current forms of exclusions? What kind of resistance can we envision to confront a world filled with inequalities and inform political action? These are some of the questions this workshop will address.

  • Francine Rossone de Paula


  • Roberto Yamato


  • Marta Fernandez


  • Aureo Toledo

    Presentation of the roundtable

  • Paulo Chamon


  • Lara Selis


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