Superficial Fascia and Adipose Tissue. What are we touching?
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  • The Biggest Organ of the Body?​​​​​​​

    We've all been taught that skin is the biggest organ, but what if we've got it wrong?

  • Superficial Fascia. The Holdall for Touch

    The primary interface for touch and movement, the superficial layer is probably the most important of all the fascial structures.

  • Changing the Mindset

    This webinar will change the way you look at what we have always called fatty tissue and give you a new way of looking at movement and therapeutic touch.

  • It's just fat right?

    No, no and no again.  There is a lot of talk about fascia and deep fascia but it misses the essential fundamentals of how we respond to stimulus, pain and repair.

  • Julian Baker

    Anatomist hands on therapist and world renowned speaker and author, Julian Baker will change the way you think about the body and your approach to it.

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