COVID-19 Briefing - Force Majeure in Commercial Contracts

Business disruptions caused by COVID-19 are affecting many people’s ability to fulfill their obligations under commercial contracts. In some cases, Force Majeure contract clauses may provide relief from the performance of impeded contractual obligations during the pandemic-related disruptions. 

During this free Livecast, Ercument Erdem, Chair of the ICC Commercial Law and Practice Commission; Abhinav Bhusan, Director, South Asia, ICC Arbitration and ADR; and Angelika Zoder, Expert in International Contract Law, ICC Austria, will discuss common features of force majeure clauses, as well as ICC’s revised Force Majeure Clauses for 2020. 

​​​​​​​They will also answer your questions on:
• How to interpret and implement force majeure clauses to reflect the current environment – will COVID 19 trigger force majeure?

• What recourse do parties have if there is no force majeure clause

• What might happen in contentious situations regarding force majeure clauses in contracts.

The Livecast will last 45 minutes followed by a Q&A session. 

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