Inner Mastery for Higher Consciousness Training

  • Are you ready for some MAJOR Breakthroughs? Want a SHIFT in your life?

    Use your innate consciousness abilities ina deliberate powerful manner! Learn experiential exercises to expand further than ever!

  • Discover Mindfullness Meditations

    We easily get pulled 'off-center' with negative emotions, thinking, limitations, and more.  Use Guided Imagery and effective techniques to explore further.

  • Sharper Your Intuitive Skills!

    Deepen your conscious sensitivity and this innate ability to a more precise and powerful level. Feel into Energy Fields, See Aura's, Use Powerful Extended Feeling Exercise

  • Learn Mind Mastery of Attention, Focus, and Intention!

    Become aware of desires, resistances, beliefs, emotional reactions, and much more and how to manage them for more creative potential!

  • Dr. Jane Smolnik, ND

    Webinar Host and Consciousness Trainer

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