NBGN | How to Recruit and Retain Black Governors - Webinar

  • Multiple Dates

    We've run multiple sessions already and the next one is on 3rd September 2020, 6.30 pm. PLEASE NOTE - You'll be taken to the payment gateway and after payment is made, you'll be redirected here to complete the registration process.

  • Open and Honest

    There will be no judgements made as we will suspend political correctness for the session to allow you to ask the questions you may not always be comfortable asking in other situations.

  • No Cameras

    This is not a Zoom session so you wont' be on camera and we wont hear your voice - communication is via the chat box or direct email. All we ask is that you remain open, honest, respectful and above all, we want you to enjoy the session so that we all benefit.

  • Sharon Warmington

    Webinar Host

  • Olivia Hinds

    Webinar Host

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