Blogging as a Side Hustle: How to Create a Money Making Blog Without All The BS

About The Webinar

In 2017 I started my blog on the tail end of back-to-back layoffs as a creative outlet. Little did I know that 4 years later it would go on to be a globally recognized and award-winning side hustle resource with 100k+ monthly users between the website and community 🤯

ILTD has been featured in big-name publications like TIME, CNBC, Business Insider, LA Times, MSN, Motley Fool, Refinery29, Bustle, USA Today, and more.

Like, umm...pinch me.

It is my number one side hustle that not only helps me explore my creativity but also create income streams with that creativity.

It's also helped me pay off $40k+ of debt with my wife, save and invest more money towards our goals, move across the country to our dream location, and now I am on track to leave my full-time job in the next 4 years.

But the last thing I was, was an overnight success. Let's talk about it...

Making money with a blog isn't exactly easy and that is exactly why this webinar is happening. I want to make it so much easier for you than it was for me by giving you the exact tools and resources I didn't have back then. 

I also want to give you the space to think about blogging as a side hustle with creativity first and profit second so you don't burn out.

Let's dive in to all that you'll get with this 90 minute JAM PACKED webinar 👇👇

  • Learn how to decide what to even blog about

  • Get step by step guidance on how to set up your blog 

  • Learn the different ways to make money with a blog (including both active income and passive income streams)

  • Get the same tools and resources I use along with access to a VIP community, an attached guide and workbook

  • Access media kit templates, rate sheet templates, and more

  • Learn how to get traffic to your blog and grow it over time

  • Learn social media strategies specifically for blogging

  • Get 1 on 1 access to me as well as a 15 minute Q&A

  • Get lifetime access to the webinar content, materials, and VIP community

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