Find sustainability in Costa Rica:
​​​​​​​An evening with Lyn Hughes and friends

During the event, Lyn will tell us why going green like Costa Rica is so important for the future of travel, while Sian and Chloe will be sharing videos, photos and stories of their sustainable adventures in Costa Rica.

  • Lyn Hughes

    Co-founder and editor-in-chief of Wanderlust

  • Chloe Gunning

    Chloe is a top UK travel blogger with a passion for adventure, food and memorable experience. Since 2014, she has been travelling full time all over the world. Costa Rica is a place that keeps her coming back for more.

  • Sian Lewis

    Sian is an award winning blogger and a travel journalist who is obsessed with all things outdoor adventure. Her blog The Girl Outdoors has picked up multiple awards, including Travel Blog of the Year 2018, Travel Blog of the Year 2015 and Outdoor Blog of the Year 2014.

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