How to Prime to Prevent Injury & Improve Your Workout

In this webinar, Justin walks you through how to prime your body for an amazing workout each and every time.

  • Justin Andrews

    Webinar Host

  • Step-by-step instruction how to self-assess your body

    Find out what you need to work on to improve your workout performance by following along with Justin as he walks you through 3 assessment tests.

  • Not just a warm-up

    This is not a garden-variety warmup that is designed to prevent injury, it is an actual workout that will prepare your body and Central Nervous System to perform optimally each and every workout.

  • See & FEEL the difference before & after

    See & feel the immediate impact of priming. Follow along with Justin, perform the priming exercises and experience the difference!

  • Prevent injury & build more muscle

    Proper priming before your workout not only helps prepare your body for your workout, it also improves the way you move and how you perform your exercises. This means you can work your muscles through greater ranges of motion with better muscle activation. The result... more muscle!

  • For everyone!

    No matter your workout experience, you will benefit from priming. Whether you are a CrossFitter, runner, or occassionally gym-goer, priming will improve ANY workout.

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